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3 Decade of Lighting supply to North American Market

As one of the Caster manufacturers in the industry, Caster has produce and provided quality and durable lighting for over 30 years.

Through this time, We’ve accumulated a vast experience of Know-how, and we want to pass these knowledge to our customers, to ensure longevity in our Product.

For over 3 decades, Caster offers innovative lighting solution to the North American Market, as well as several other major countries.

30years of Knowledge into one Product
Every single product is designed by our development team. From concept design to finished goods validation. We immerse our self with Lighting Experts around the world for over 3 decades, so we know, with outdoor lighting it must go through intensive and detailed testing to ensure it’s longevity. Learn more about the facility we offer
Asia’s Leader in Manufacturer
Outdoor Lighting needs to withstand through Harshest Environment, Which is why we offer several specialize testing that you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the industry (such as Pre-treatment process). With the important of energy saving, we continue to invest in great deal on smart control lighting, contact us to learn more about how to efficiently save through commercial lighting here:

Pioneer in Lighting Manufacture
Since 1988


Million Residential
/Commercial Lighting
sold into United Stated
over 30 years


Million COB LED used,
with less than 0.02% defective
(4-5 Mechanical/
Design patent filed annually)

Offering complete solution (3 months from concept design to mass production)

One Stop Shop-complete vertical integrated manufacture facility

Design/produce for several major IPO lighting company’s world wide

700K USD invested in Manufacture/ Testing equipment upgrade annually